From Strategy to Execution: An Effective BPO Partnership

Outsourcing is now every business’s best choice when it comes to scalability, profitability, and sourcing expert talent globally.

The ultimate all-in-one package.

But it all comes down to the BPO partner you pick.

At H Connect International, we believe a successful BPO partnership goes beyond just numbers and strategy.

We take it a step further.

We care.

Our Approach: Client-Centric and Long-Term Focused

We understand every business is unique.

And that is why we have a “client first” philosophy in place – a case-by-case approach to tailor solutions focused on true value addition just for you.

We achieve this through dedicated teams integrating seamlessly with yours, leveraging automation for efficiency, and providing access to on-demand, top-tier talent.

A true extension of your enterprise.

Our Client Journey: A Step-by-Step Guide

From the start of your BPO journey with us, two principles are guaranteed every step of the way: Transparency and Collaboration.

For a smooth transition from strategy to execution, here’s what your BPO journey with us will look like:

Stage 1: Engage

The ‘Engage Stage’ is where we map out your journey with us.

We engage with you to understand your needs, and from there we set all expectations upfront. You will receive firsthand information on the project scope, timelines, and milestones. We will define success criteria together, assign a dedicated contact point, and provide a team leader to ensure our solutions are tailored for you.

Change can be challenging, and we understand that.

Making the switch from a conventional business structure to a versatile outsourcing model will require time and guidance for some firms.  We offer change management services to support you and ensure a smooth transition for your entire team.

Stage 2: Design

Once we’ve mapped and planned everything out, the second stage is focused on laying the foundation. The groundwork necessary to refine our plans into success.

Firstly, we will collaboratively build an operating model that works for you. Your vision, your objectives, and your needs. All the tools required, including specific IT solutions, will be pre-defined and an optimum knowledge transfer program for your team at HCI will be crafted to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Proactivity is a priority. This is why we will work side-by-side to design a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) to put in place an effective risk management strategy because, with us, the show will always go on.

Stage 3: Build

With a strong foundation in place, we’ll now build and scale, step by step.

Starting with onboarding your dedicated team of experts who will be provided with detailed training plans to seamlessly integrate into your existing teams.

This step also involves setting up extensive IT infrastructure including remote work capabilities to ensure maximum flexibility for your teams here.  Additionally, we’ll accommodate any enabling technology that is necessary to support your workflows.

Based on your preference, we can set up all necessary infrastructure at our state-of-the-art delivery center at the World Trade Centre, Colombo to ensure maximum information security.

Regardless of where your team chooses to work from, we have all the necessary IT protocols to provide flexibility but ensure the same level of information security.

We plan for the future. A ramp-up process map will be put in place early on so that we have clearly defined systems in place to achieve the scalability your business is capable of.

Stage 4: Learn

Step 4 is dedicated to fine-tuning for optimum execution and efficiency.

The knowledge transfer and certification programs that we mapped out in stage-2 are put into effect. We ensure a collaborative learning process that goes both ways. From our team to yours and vice versa.

All the necessary documentation is covered in this step. From compliance frameworks to BAU governance frameworks and drafting the BCP, we cover all aspects.

Meeting your standards is an absolute must. This is where our rigorous User Acceptance Testing (UAT) comes in to ensure that we leave no stone unturned.

Stage 5: Deliver

Stage 5 is show time.

After a successful launch, we’ll finalize the BCP, and establish a data collection process for monitoring Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

But we don’t just stop there. We continuously track, report, and monitor performance metrics to identify gaps and bridge them as efficiently as possible.

Once everything is running seamlessly, we’ll confidently hand over the reins to your operational team, here in Sri Lanka.

Do you want to outsource your services but are the concerns of a challenging transition holding you back?

We hear you, loud and clear.

That’s why we have replaced the traditional one-size-fits-all approach with a structured, five-stage BPO onboarding journey designed for a smooth handover.

Our onboarding set-up is just the start of a long and thriving partnership with us.

We do go beyond the numbers. A trusted partner, every step of the way.

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