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Our legacy spans over 100+ years of the Hirdaramani group, a family-owned, billion-dollar conglomerate. Our international outsourcing operations began in 2018, but in just a few years we have achieved remarkable growth and offer comprehensive BPO solutions to clients across the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia.

Our Core expertise are in Accounting Services, Vertical Specific BPO, and Digital Consultancy solutions. We do not take a moment for granted, we are constantly learning, growing, and expanding our service offerings.

We incorporate the latest trends, technologies, and training in our pursuit of creating “absolute value”. But through it all our focus will always be our client’s needs and we tailor our solutions accordingly.

The average BPO solutions provider covers most back-end functions, what sets us apart is our commitment to each client’s unique definition of success.



At H Connect International, we embody the true meaning of “client first”. It is more than just a buzzword. It is our ethos and our driving philosophy.

Our team is meticulously hand-picked, comprising experts who embody the skills, experience, and values that align with our company’s vision and philosophy.

We operate as a true extension of our client’s enterprise and adopt a case-dependent approach because we understand that “success” will mean something different to each one of them.

We foster a culture that encourages creative problem-solving and constantly seeks innovative methods to enhance efficiency and quality. Embracing an open-door policy, we promote open conversations and spirited debates as part of our collaborative environment. Honest, two-way communication is deeply ingrained in our culture.


Meet the team behind the dream to make an impact. Start a conversation. Ask a question. We are here to help.

Deshaka Perera

Deshaka Perera

Arshad Booso

Arshad Booso

Head of BPM Services
Damian Williams

Damian Williams

Head of Digital Consultancy
Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Accounting Services: Specifically catering to CPA firms seeking offshore assistance in bookkeeping, accounting, tax, superannuation matters etc.
  • BPO Specific: specifically for SMEs looking to outsource their support functions like Finance and Accounting, Administration, Digital Marketing, Human Resource Outsourcing/Payroll, IT Support and Helpdesk.
  • Digital and Consultancy: Data Analytics and insights, workflow development, solution design, fintech, automation, technology selection and implementation
  • Financial Services: Paraplanning, Loan/ Mortgage Processing

Our sourcing and onboarding process typically takes 4-6 weeks. This is complete with induction and relevant training.

If desired, the client has the option to actively participate in the recruitment process. Our primary objective is to identify and select the ideal candidate who not only possesses the required qualifications but also aligns seamlessly with the client’s organization, effectively serving as a genuine extension of their enterprise.

The short answer: ABSOLUTELY!

Once we have a comprehensive understanding of the role, the necessary tools for its execution, and how it fits into your organization, we actively engage in market recruitment to specifically target individuals who meet your requirements.

While the employee(s) will be legally employed under H Connect International, they will be exclusively dedicated to working for your organization in Sri Lanka. We prioritize your company/brand and consider your employees as an extension of your organization in Sri Lanka, with H Connect International serving as their local support network. This approach has proven to be a critical success factor for fostering high-performing teams and greatly contributes to long-term employee retention.

We are equipped with two cutting-edge facilities—one situated at the World Trade Centre in Colombo’s financial hub, and the other conveniently located just 5 kilometers away from it.

The arrangement can vary based on the specific data security requirements of each client. However, in general, we primarily work on-site to ensure optimal security.

We offer the flexibility to accommodate teams of different sizes. For teams consisting of 10 or more full-time equivalents (FTEs), we can arrange private offices to provide dedicated spaces for their work. On the other hand, our open share plan is an excellent choice for smaller teams, enabling them to collaborate and interact with other employees in a shared workspace.

At all our facilities, you will find well-appointed co-working spaces, meeting rooms, training rooms, and formal boardrooms. The usage of these spaces is complimentary, with no additional charges. Your team is welcome to reserve and utilize these spaces as often as required, providing flexibility and convenience for your organization.

We adopt a transparent pricing structure that considers the complexity of each job. For further details, feel free to reach out to us, and we will provide you with access to our pricing information.

Sri Lanka boasts a large pool of highly skilled talent spanning various specializations. With a literacy rate of 91% among its 22 million population, and a flexible and well-rounded education system, the country offers a rich talent base. Moreover, the combination of lower living costs and a favorable exchange rate presents a significant opportunity for substantial operational cost reductions, all while maintaining excellent quality and productivity standards.

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