Big Picture Mindset vs Process Mindset: Unveiling the Power of Asking "Why" over "How" in the Business Process Management Industry

The Big Picture Mindset

The big-picture mindset urges organizations to transcend immediate tasks and concentrate on larger strategic objectives. It underscores a holistic approach to decision-making, where actions are evaluated based on their impact on long-term goals. This mindset prompts companies to assess how their processes contribute to the overall success and growth of the organization. By understanding a business process’s underlying purpose and objectives, we can align the strategies accordingly and offer solutions beyond short-term gains.

The Process Mindset

Conversely, the process mindset focuses on operational efficiency, consistency, and adherence to predefined protocols. It emphasizes meticulous attention to detail and aims to ensure that each step of a process is executed flawlessly. In the BPM industry, the process mindset ensures consistent service delivery, minimizes errors, and optimizes resource allocation. It concentrates on the “how” rather than the “why” of a task, striving to achieve operational excellence and maximize productivity.

The Power of Asking “Why” over “How”

Within the BPM industry, the question “Why” holds immense transformative power, overshadowing the question of “How.” By asking “Why,” we can unlock deeper insights and gain a comprehensive understanding of the purpose and impact of their actions. This crucial question stimulates critical thinking, drives innovation, and establishes meaningful connections between BPM practitioners and the organization’s core business objectives.

Aligning the Big Picture with Process

Asking “Why” enables organizations to align the big picture with the execution of processes. By questioning the purpose and significance of a particular task or process, we can assess its relevance and value in the broader context. This evaluation helps identify areas where improvements can be made, enabling us to offer customized and strategic solutions that align with our objectives

Driving Continuous Improvement

The question “Why” fosters a culture of continuous improvement. We can identify bottlenecks, redundancies, or outdated approaches by delving deeper into the underlying reasons and motivations behind certain practices. This introspection leads to process optimization, streamlining operations, enhancing efficiency, and delivering superior outcomes.

Enhancing Organizational Effectiveness

Asking “Why” enhances organizational effectiveness in the industry. By understanding the purpose and objectives of a process, we can make informed decisions that contribute to strategic goals. This proactive approach ensures that every process and task is aligned with the organization’s vision and mission, fostering efficiency, productivity, and overall success.

At H Connect International, we nurture this mindset by facilitating dynamic forums such as think tank sessions within teams, informative lunch and learn sessions, invigorating hackathons, and ideation drives aimed at sparking innovative process enhancements. We foster a culture that values the distinction between a Process, and a Picture mindset. We actively encourage our employees to engage in sessions about the hows and whys of our processes, recognizing that this approach is fundamental to achieving overall effectiveness.

Our people are seasoned and guided towards achieving this balance, setting the stage for them to become pioneers in the industry. Get in touch with us today to work with a culture geared towards taking your company leaps and bounds ahead. 

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