Customer-Centricity: How H Connect International is Not Just a Partner But an Extension of Your Business.

Customer-First is a common buzzword in the service industry. At H Connect International, it is our driving philosophy. 

Customer-Centricity is especially important for Business Process Outsourcing Service providers because the whole purpose of the industry is to support another organization. The general perception of BPO firms is that they take care of all backend operational tasks so that businesses can “focus on what is important”.

What sets us apart is that what is important to you, is our priority. 

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  • Commitment over compliance

Meeting expectations is the norm here. Our teams are dedicated to making sure we review, identify and update processes to exceed those expectations. Our commitment is to our clients, not the work. Through this, we build a flow of consistent value addition for our partners.

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  • Trust

We understand the fear factor involved in outsourcing parts of your business functions to an external party. We prioritize building open and transparent relationships of trust through a “behind the scenes” approach to our function. Our clients know us as we know them. 

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  • COO sponsored relationship 

All our clients have immediate access to our COO to escalate any issue they may have, without having to go through the more general pains of red tape and messaging up the corporate hierarchy. We take every piece of feedback very seriously and have procedures in place to act as and when. 

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  • High-performance culture of empowerment 

Our teams are groups of handpicked experts trained with agency and precision at all levels. We make sure that clients have a seamless experience when coordinating with every one of us. Value is thereby not just created, but co-created.

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  • A true extension

Our purpose is to make a meaningful positive impact on your business. An impact that aligns with your unique definition of success. As our clients have told us, we don’t just perform business functions for them, we act as an extension of their enterprise – working toward their success, and in their best interest.

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In summary, as a reliable partner we are dedicated to putting your business first, because we understand that to each one of our clients success will mean something different.

If you are looking for an outsourcing partner to prioritize your needs, look no further than H Connect International.   

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help you.

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