My CPA Journey At H Connect International

Achieving the globally recognized Certified Public Accountant (CPA) qualification has been one of my main goals since embarking on my journey in the world of accounting. The CPA qualification is a mark of professional competence recognized and respected globally. Now part of the dynamic BPO industry with H Connect International (HCI), the CPA qualification holds special significance because it not only enhances my professional competence but also positions me as a trusted expert in accounting within the international outsourcing landscape.

My personal experience working at HCI has been nothing short of transformative in shaping my aspirations and providing the necessary tools for professional growth. The company recognizes that beyond the walls and screens, it’s the passion of the people who drive success forward. I experienced this firsthand in how I was encouraged and supported in the pursuit of my CPA qualification. 

In my role, I was exposed to a diverse range of accounting practices and industries under just one client. The company’s clientele spans various industries, providing an enriching experience that extends beyond a traditional accountant’s. This has been invaluable in broadening my knowledge base, allowing me to develop a comprehensive understanding of financial principles, compliance regulations, and industry-specific nuances. I would not have accumulated as much knowledge across industries, clients, and countries anywhere else. 

A significant source of support and guidance I received in my journey was from the mentorship program established at HCI. I was assigned a seasoned CPA professional as my mentor, which enabled me to precisely apply my learnings at work and grasp the intricacies of the qualification, in practice. This set me up for success, step by step.

While completing my qualification, I was also juggling the responsibilities of new parenthood. The management at HCI stood by me through it all and granted me access to study materials, and flexible work hours/arrangements. I felt truly supported throughout the entire process. It was clear that the company cared about my professional growth and personal well-being, and that to me was a key driver. 

The internal training programs and workshops at HCI go beyond routine skill-building exercises, delving into contemporary accounting trends, emerging technologies, and necessary soft skills to manage international clientele. Access to such resources has not only enhanced my technical skills but also equipped me with the critical thinking, problem-solving, and practical application required for success in the field. 

The culture at HCI was yet another source of inspiration. The open door policy and freedom of expression ensured I was always heard and could reach out to anyone at any time, to discuss, clarify, and learn. This policy is not limited to work matters and helped me personally with words of motivation, guidance, and wisdom.

The company’s emphasis on work-life balance and employee satisfaction is evident through the supportive work environment, facilitative leaders, and vibrant engagement activities all combined with challenging and rewarding work assignments. This has made every day at HCI a step forward in not only achieving my educational goals but also reaching a state of professional and personal fulfillment in the work I do. 

This commitment to well-being has fostered a sense of tangible loyalty and dedication among the team, which was felt by me too. I intend to apply what I have learned and use this qualification to support the teams with their work, and colleagues who are aiming for their CPA qualification as well. 

This, therefore, isn’t just my success story, but rather, ours. I am grateful for the shared journey, I am excited for the future we will shape together. 

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