Unveiling Sri Lanka's Global Positioning in BPM: Key Insights from SLASSCOM's 2023 Summit

H Connect International had the privilege of attending SLASSCOM’s BPM Summit 2023, where the overarching theme was the untold excellence of the Industry. Rich in talent and expertise, robust infrastructure, and abundant resources, the discussion reaffirmed Sri Lanka’s pivotal role in the global BPM landscape.

Here are our key takeaways from the conversations:

  1. Technological Excellence

Sri Lanka stands tall with technology that underpins some of the world’s leading systems and exchanges. From powering HSBC, the London Stock Exchange and IFS, as just a few examples, our nation has proven its technological capabilities on a global scale.

2. International Recognition

Sri Lanka has secured the top spot in South Asia’s Global Talent Competitiveness Index 2022, ranking second in the Asia Pacific for the Remote Working Index 2022, and being acknowledged among the top five global ecosystems for affordable talent showcasing our commitment to excellence.

3. Endorsement by Industry Giants

The world is taking note. AT Kearney lauds Sri Lanka’s unique ability to offer highly skilled talent and robust business environments at competitive costs, referring to the nation as a “hidden gem” for outsourcing. Another key endorsement by The New York Times highlighted the inherent and enormous finance and accounting talent within the country, poised with the skills and expertise, “standing ready to crunch the world’s numbers.

4. Continued Investment and Growth

The existing business entities have witnessed immense growth, and multiple new entrants are expanding their operations into Sri Lanka, having seen the country’s potential. E.g. 99x, WSO2, STAX, HCL Tech, EY, Emapta. All entities believe that cost is just one factor in investing in Sri Lanka- but that the local industry has the technical skills and expertise specifically for supporting overseas clients.

5. Commitment to Talent

Sri Lanka’s IT/BPM sector stands tall as the country’s third-largest exporter. Beyond revenue, the industry is committed to fostering positive work experiences for talent and is recognised by Great Place to Work year after year.

Looking ahead, Sri Lanka’s vision for the future is ambitious and promising:

  • The World’s First Green IT/BPM Destination by 2030: The nation aims to lead the charge in sustainability, aspiring to become the world’s first green IT/BPM destination by 2030.
  • Economic Milestones: To reach a $5 billion revenue and employ over 200,000 highly skilled professionals by 2030, coupled with nurturing over 1000 startups, Sri Lanka has laid the foundation for transformative growth.
  • Consistent Growth: Despite economic shocks, our aggregate revenue continues to climb, projected to hit $3 billion by 2025—a testament to the resilience and strength of Sri Lanka’s BPM industry.

Overall, it is evident that Sri Lanka possesses all the essential components for global excellence, and at H Connect International we are dedicated to playing our part in establishing the nation as a premier BPO service delivery destination.

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